Sacroiliac Surgery

Treatment Options For Sacroiliac Joint Pain Relief

When the sacroiliac joint, or SI joint, does not function properly, it may cause low back and/or leg pain. When sacroiliac dysfunction does not respond to conservative treatment, including physical therapy, injections and possibly regenerative injection therapy, called prolotherapy, surgery may be necessary.

Sacroiliac Surgery For Lower Back Or Leg Pain

Our spine specialists at Advanced Neurosurgery Associates, will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the best course of treatment and if necessary, the extent of surgery.

For patients with painful hip movement in, our specialists can help through several surgical treatment options. Before the surgery, our specialists align the sacroiliac joints and the pelvis. This is again verified once the patient is under anesthesia. Once positioned properly, the surgery can be as simple as a stabilizing the joint with the placement of titanium bone screws across the joint using image-guided assistance. Another more standard surgical procedure involves sacroiliac fusion, replacing the open fusion with a bone graft, when joint disruption or degenerative sacroiliitis occurs. 

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