Spinal Fusion

Spinal Fusion Expertise

Advanced Neurosurgery Associates, offers a range of different surgical options, including spinal fusion. With complex instrumentation and minimally invasive spine surgery techniques, we tailor our approach to the individual situation and needs of our patients.

Understanding Spinal Fusion

One cause of back pain may be instability related to abnormal movement or deficient elements such as a severely herniated disc, fracture or congenital defect of bone. Sometimes a recurrent disc herniation can be associated with instability. In these cases, a lumbar fusion may be necessary. This includes the implantation of hardware to stabilize the spine by eliminating motion across one or more joints. In addition, a bone graft is placed to allow biological fusion to occur between the spine and the bone graft, which will provide long-term stability and reinforce the hardware.

Advanced Surgical Techniques For Spinal Fusion Treatment

Spinal fusions may be done using a smaller midline or lateral incision in a minimally invasive fashion. Using either one or two incisions, screws and rods are put in through a tiny incision directly through the skin. This type of hardware is usually made of titanium so that it combines the properties of great strength with lightweight and minimal interference with MRI scans. In addition, sometimes a bone graft or artificial biomechanical devices are put within the disc space to allow fusion to occur there as well.

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